Passing Microsoft 70-778 Exam Is Easy with Exam Dumps


Microsoft is an organization that is known for the handy products it makes. The services it offers are widely used by both individuals as well as large-scale businesses.

One such service it provides you with is Power BI, which is a business analytics tool designed to manage reports and represent data visually. It goes hand in hand with Microsoft Excel to make the process of handling heaps of data much more efficient. 

As Power BI is growing in popularity within business corporations, there is an increase in demand for Power BI experts. So in order to help recruitment managers pick out the best candidates for the job, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) in BI Reporting badge. Continue reading to find out more about it.

What Must You Know about MCSA BI Reporting Credential?

The Microsoft 70-778 Exam Dumps Questions BI Reporting proves one’s skills in employing Power BI and Microsoft Excel technologies. To earn this credential, you are required to pass the two following exams:

  • 70-778: Using Power BI to Analyze and Visualize Data;
  • 70-779: Using Microsoft Excel to Analyze and Visualize Data.

It is to be noted that this certification and its assessments will be retired on January 31, 2021. 

Now that you know the most important details of this badge, let’s go on with the topic of this article, which is the Microsoft 70-778 test.

Facts about Microsoft 70-778 

Exam 70-778 focuses on your expertise in using Power BI to analyze and visualize data. The vendor does not state the number of questions per test but in general, they contain approximately 40-60 questions. MCSA exams will give you 120 minutes to answer them all. The fee that you must pay to be considered for this Microsoft assessment is $165. Listed below are the topics you will be assessed on in 70-778 assessment:

  • Using Power BI Desktop to Consume and Transform Data;
  • Working with Data Modeling and Visualization;
  • Managing Dashboard, Report, and App Configuration in Power BI.  

It’s a common fact that Microsoft tests are rather challenging. But there are many resources you can use to prepare for them. For Website – 70-778 this IT giant offers instructor-led as well as online training. You can follow them to get the complete exam syllabus covered with the inclusion of hands-on lab experience. In addition to that, Microsoft also offers an official study guide, Exam Ref 70-778,which you can get your hands on through the Microsoft Press Store. 

Apart from the vendor’s resources, you can also use other external ones to polish your knowledge. These sources include YouTube, Amazon, Exam-labs, and more. 


How to Use Exam Dumps to Prepare for 70-778?

Exam dumps are popular among most IT exam candidates with good reason. As they are files that have questions taken out of real tests, they are a great resource to use if you want to ace your upcoming exams. But you have to be aware that not all braindumps are accurate. In fact, most of them are frauds, which is where exam dumps get its notorious nature. Nonetheless, sites like offer legit dumps. Here’s how you can utilize them in your preparation journey:


  • Check the exam format


It is crucial that you have a proper idea about the structure of the assessment and the format of the questions in it before you attempt it. This can help you better prepare yourself to answer questions by figuring out what the best way to approach each question is. Exam-labs exam dumps present you with real exam questions that can be used for just this purpose.


  • Practice


If you practice doing a dump over and over again, you will be able to execute the processes involved in it without giving much effort or thought to it. Similarly, if you practice doing questions, you will get a hang of the concepts and question formats, making it easier for you to recall what you learned. 


  • See where you stand


Having an idea about your level is important if you want to avoid any unwelcome surprises in the main exam. By cross-checking your answers and grading every exam dump you do you can get an idea about where you stand. If it doesn’t look very promising, it is high time you study harder and improve yourself.


  • Correct your errors


How will you improve if you don’t correct your errors? Errors show you that you have misunderstood certain concepts. And if you ignore them, you will only keep repeating the same mistakes again. So use braindumps to do questions, and keep a tab on the questions you go wrong so that you can master those concepts later on.


  • Work on time management


All your knowledge and efforts will be wasted if you cannot answer all the questions on time. Therefore, it is vital that you work on your time-management among other things. You can do this by timing yourself each time you attempt to do the questions available in the exam dumps.

As an added benefit, offers free braindumps that are attached to the provider’s page. What’s more, on this platform you can find the 70-778 Premium Bundle containing 136 questions and expert-validated answers, a training course with 141 lectures, and a study guide of 669 pages. You can purchase all these items for just $59.99! However, remember to install the ETE Exam Simulator which will help you open the dumps from Exam-labs.


Power BI is spreading its wings over the entire industry. So make haste and get yourself MCSA BI Reporting certified if you want to get a kick start on your IT career. Passing the Microsoft 70-778 exam will take you one step closer to accomplishing that goal. If you use reliable exam dumps like the ones from to prepare for it, acing it will be a walk in the park.


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