Amyris, AB Mauri to reduce sugar in baking products

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The exclusive multi-year agreement is expected to transform the industrial baking sector in the US, Mexico and Canada markets

US based Amyris, Inc., a leading biotechnology company in the Clean Health and Beauty markets and a top supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients, and AB Mauri North America, a global supplier of yeast and baking ingredients, jointly announced an exclusive multi-year agreement for the sale and purchase of Amyris’ Purecane™ RebM zero-calorie sweetener for baking applications.

This partnership is expected to transform the industrial baking sector in the US, Mexico and Canada markets by enabling AB Mauri’s customers to produce reduced sugar baked goods with no loss of flavor, texture or product appeal.

The collaboration signifies a promising beginning and catalyst for future growth opportunities for the Purecane™ brand, which launched in December 2019 following Amyris’ introduction of its sweetener ingredient in December 2018.

Purecane™ Brand Sweetener, also known as fermented sugarcane RebM, is a zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener that can be used as part of a better-for-you diet to reduce the intake of sugar, calories and carbohydrates – making it a solution for not only diabetics but also for the growing consumer-base looking for less sugar in their diet. Purecane™ is made through a fermentation process that starts with sugarcane and then converts it to a pure, no calorie sweetener without any artificial chemicals or bitter aftertaste unlike other alternative sweeteners. This process also requires one-tenth of the agricultural acreage than other leading natural leaf products and results in very low waste.

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