“We intend to launch one herb and herb blend product every month”


NuFFooDS Spectrum interacts with Rajesh Adiga, Co-Founder, Hillgreen Natural, Bengaluru

Business stories come in all shapes and sizes, and Bengaluru based startup Hillgreen Natural has also one to tell. Hillgreen as a whole sale brand is active since 1985 while the retail brand of Hillgreen Natural is a joint venture with a company Kaushik Aarav and Co. This was started in December 2019. The startup is currently selling a range of tea products with natural ingredients.

On a mission to provide the best quality herbs and products, excellent customer service and to be a centre for education and inspiration regarding health and well-being, Hillgreen Natural has been formed by three individuals- Rajesh Adiga who has a rich experience in herbs over the last twenty years, Kaushik K who has experience in brand development and marketing, and Sneha Rajesh who has the experience in customer relationship.

The idea behind this startup is based on the Japanese way of living wherein tea is an integral part of their everyday life and hence their life expectancy is high and live a healthy life. Hillgreen is based on the concept of giving a healthy way of living with natural products without any artificial additives. The natural herbs are more bio available to the human body than processed herbs.

NuFFooDS Spectrum interacts with Rajesh Adiga, Co-Founder, Hillgreen Natural, Bengaluru to find out more about the healthy products in store particularly at this critical hour of a global viral outbreak-


Edited Excerpts-

How much has been invested in this business and how much revenue are you generating?

The initial capital is 10 lakhs through personal funds and the revenue generation is on the uptake and we have managed to do a turnover of around 3 lakhs. We have a target to scale it up to 15 lakhs this year and double in the next year.


How many products are there in the portfolio? What is so unique about your products?

We currently have 10 herb teas. The product is totally natural and we have devised most of the product based on the life style issues faced by individuals. Most of the teas are based on single herb without any blends. We intend to add one herb tea every month over the next 2 years.


Where are the products developed and manufactured? Do you have a facility in Bengaluru?

The products are developed in-house and manufactured with a manufacturing partner currently. We intend to have our own facility once we scale it up over the next three years.


Are you planning to launch any new products especially due to the pandemic?

As most of our products were launched over the last two months, the eye was to cater to immune system and oral health. We have had great response to our Ashwagandha tea, Tulsi Tea, Ginger Tea and Turmeric tea. Our first product the Chamomile tea has also grown at exponential phase.


How are your existing products helping in this fight against COVID-19?

Most of the teas are based on immune bosting and oral care along with some products for the mental health. We see a good response from people who are looking for a natural way of taking care of their health.


What are your plans for the next five years?

Over the next two years we intend to launch one herb and herb blend every month. And over the next 5 years we intend to be one of the most environment friendly natural product company.



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