Kerry launches botanical extracts for new age teetotallers

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Zero alcohol beverages is a trending product line and is a fast growing market

Most millennials and Gen Z consumers are keen on maintaining an alcohol-free lifestyle and yet want to enjoy flavors associated with hard drinks. Kerry, the Ireland-based Taste & Nutrition company, seeks to address this market base with its latest Botanicals Collection Zero, a range of clean label, ‘premium’ botanical extracts without any ethanol .

Collection Zero has been created keeping in mind the low- and no-alcohol beverage markets. There are 15 standard products and 35 others, including juniper, rosebud, elderflower, cocoa, turmeric and cinnamon, for discerning customers who don’t want to compromise on taste.

The company maintains that beverage producers can use Kerry’s Botanicals Collection Zero to create sophisticated low-alcohol spirits and no-alcohol options with the taste of gin, rum, cocoa, ginger, etc. The spirits would meet clean label and quality requirements, not to mention a ‘premium drinking experience’.

Trade sales of non-alcohol and zero alcohol beverages is expected to post a 41 percent increase over the period 2015-2021, as per the company. With botanical extracts in alcohol beverages already a US$500 million business and growing by 9 percent per annum, producers that can offer tasty and healthier upscale beverage choices will see a significant and growing market opportunity in the years to come.

According to Innova Market Insights, a market research firm, there has been a 21 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate, CAGR in alcoholic beverage launches with botanical flavors, globally, between 2015-19.

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