Go local with Onelife’s homegrown organic honey

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Onelife uses sustainable practises while engaging with indigenous communities to bring you natural, pure and delicious honey in all its forms.

With more talks of going local, now’s a better time than ever to take a closer look at Mumbai based Onelife’s homegrown produce of flavourful organic honey. Honey is a pantry staple. It’s a natural sweetener, an immunity booster and one of those ingredients that can enhance the flavours in any dish especially monsoon season to boost immunity with blends of aromatic herbal teas. 

Onelife uses sustainable practises while engaging with indigenous communities to bring you natural, pure and delicious honey in all its forms. From farming the bees to bringing the honey right to your table, One Life ensures that you get the best unfiltered honey with minimum human interference!


Choose from:

Organic Wild Forest Honey:  also known as honeydew honey, is collected by bees from rare herbs and wild flora found in the core forest areas. Unlike regular honey where bees gather nectar from flowers, in the making of wild forest honey, bees collect honeydew from trees.

One Life’s Wild Forest Honey tends to have a stronger, bolder and more distinctive flavor as well as fragrance.

Organic Multi Flora Light Honey, collected from a variety of crops, flowers, and herbs is sourced from regions blooming with different varieties of flowers. As the name suggests, it is light in color and has a pleasant and sweet taste. Multiflora Light Honey also has tremendous health benefits. Frequent consumption aids in heart, stomach and intestinal ailments and has nourishing effects on the skin.

One Life’s Organic Multiflora Light Honey is mild in flavor and can be consumed by adults and children alike, as a natural alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners.
Organic Multi Flora Dark Honey:  comprises nectar collected from various flowers gathered from various plants: in meadows, forests, and mountains.
A mix of different varieties of flowers helps give it a distinctive flavor and a dark amber appeal.
It has a high spreading ability. You can also consider this the rarest of honey because it is composed of nectars of flowers blooming found from the organic lands across the world, it is quite rare.

Organic Ajwain Honey: comprises nectar collected from the flowers of Ajwain herb. Unlike the usual sugar, Ajwain Honey can be consumed by all age groups and also helps in treating acidity and indigestion.
Adding to the goodness, Ajwain honey, being a natural sweetener, is ideal for diabetic patients.

Organic Eucalyptus Honey: 
comprises nectar collected from the flowers of the Eucalyptus tree, famous for its unique medicinal properties. As the name suggests, Eucalyptus Honey contains a mild flavor of the Eucalyptus flower.
The health benefits of One Life’s Eucalyptus Honey are many- anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulant.

Organic Himalayan Kashmiri Honey is collected from the deep valleys, far north in the mountains of Kashmir, where nature takes control. The benefits of Himalayan Kashmiri honey goes far beyond its distinct flavors.
A great natural source of carbohydrates, One Life’s Organic Himalayan Kashmiri Honey, provides a boost of strength and energy, accelerating performance and endurance and reducing muscle fatigue.!

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