OneLife Nutriscience launches essentials to fight COVID-19

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OneLife products are researched and developed keeping in mind the Indian diet

As a preventive healthcare brand, Mumbai based Onelife Nutriscience aims to tackle various health concerns like bone health, cartilage care, joint health, heart health, hair nutrition, nail and skin health, daily energy, overall strength and wellness. Ranging from a multitude of ingredients researched and created, OneLife also offers immunity boosting  supplements which enhance the goodness of nature to give you the best natural health alternatives during the spread of pandemic situations.

About One Life ethos:
In the urban space, not only is the consciousness about health and wellness constantly increasing, but there is also an increased desire to improve lifestyles and prevent any kind of diseases all together.
Additionally, with the constant pressure of everyday stress, routine, deadlines, and lifestyle, taking care of one’s health and nutritional needs often takes a back seat. Based on a strong foundation of research and consultation with leading experts from the global industry of health, pharma and wellness, OneLife brings you products which promise to deliver.
A brand that believes one’s health is essential in making life meaningful and fulfilling. Focused on a goal of promoting health and wellness and making healthy living easy and accessible, OneLife has introduced this new range of vitamins, supplements and other products that enrich one’s overall quality of life.
Stemming from Indian roots, OneLife products are researched and developed keeping in mind the Indian diet, environmental conditions, lifestyle and routine. The products are designed within guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).


Onelife VitaC Complex:

Onelife VitaC Complex contains Vitamin C from natural sources like Acerola Cherry & Rosehip. Absorption of Vitamin C is enhanced with the addition of Citrus Bioflavonoids and Zinc which improves wound healing and provides protection from harmful viruses. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defences because it is a known immunity booster helping fight diseases from within.  

Rs 1,099


Onelife SteriSafe is an alcohol-based hand-rub and disinfectant, which is effective against viruses, bacteria & fungi. It can be used for house cleaning as well as hand rub. The formulation is as per WHO recommendation. Your personal germ fighter!  
Rs 450

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