DolCas Biotech focuses on zero waste future for nutraceuticals


Upcycled raw materials will play a major role in its commitment to Zero-Waste goals

US based DolCas Biotech, LLC, revealed its zero-waste goal for the company’s entire portfolio of potent branded nutraceutical ingredients through upcycling, sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

The company declared its commitment to accelerate a full-sustainability strategy centered on the upcycling of typically discarded — yet highly valuable — raw materials. DolCas will further ally this endeavor with its ongoing clean-label initiatives to maintain full transparency and traceability of its product line.

The company’s polyphenol extract TruOliv™ is one example of such next-gen sustainability in action. The formulation is composed of Moroccan-grown olive leaves and whole fruit, including the skin and flesh. The olive pomace, or remaining mass of pits, branches, and unused fruits, has been ingeniously upcycled into smoke-free, natural charcoal briquettes for a completely zero-waste process.

The solvent-free, USDA, EU and China-certified organic extract and its charcoal byproduct are parts of a vertically integrated operation that is regenerative, not just sustainable.

DolCas Biotech is a natural products ingredient firm that commercially develops and markets patented brands for the dietary supplement, functional foods and beverages industry.

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