Gaia introduces healthier alternative to regular ghee


The product is available in over 1200+ premium retail outlets in 25 states in India

Gaia, one of India’s leading health and wellness brands has launched A2 Cow Ghee which is a healthier and superior alternative to regular ghee.

The product is already available in over 1200+ premium retail outlets in 25 states in India and will be soon available in leading E-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart. The launch of A2 cow ghee reinforces the brand’s promise of good health. This new category will add a unique dimension to Gaia’s existing range of health food products and nutritional supplements.

Packed with Vitamin A and essential fatty acids, the Gaia A2 Cow Ghee is a naturally superior alternative to regular ghee. Derived from A2 milk of native Indian cow breeds – Sahiwal and Rathi, the ghee is churned using traditional practices.

The practice ensures the purity and retention of all the important nutrients. Abundant in fatty-acids and A2 beta-casein, the ghee is easy to digest and helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. It also bolsters general immunity and is keto-friendly as well.

Gaia A2 Cow Ghee offers a plethora of nutritional benefits as compared to the usual cow ghee that consists of just saturated fats and could have an adverse effect on health. In addition, the pure cow ghee category swivels between the price vs. demand dilemma that contributes to the deterioration of quality. Whereas, Gaia A2 Cow Ghee promises pure, optimum quality plus added health benefits.

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