LabelBlind identifies top protein rich prepackaged foods

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India Protein Score – a ready guide for citizens to identify top protein foods and categories

LabelBlind®, India’s first food rating system designed and developed by The Nutrition Alchemy based in Mumbai, has announced the launch of the India Protein Score, a report that highlights protein content in prepackaged foods and recognizes them as top protein rich prepackaged foods available in the country, to help citizens exercise their Right To Protein this Nutrition Month.

This first-of-its kind report is designed to guide consumers in making informed food choices based on the protein values of commonly purchased food and beverage products. Nutrition labels of over 1789 food & beverage products from 150 brands across 18 categories ranging from health food drinks, energy bars, dairy to regular snacks have been given ratings based on their contribution to the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) of protein as established by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The India Protein Score has been developed in collaboration with Right To Protein, a nationwide public health awareness initiative, as one possible solution to the barriers to protein consumption outlined in The Protein Paradox study launched earlier this year.

This study, conducted by Right To Protein with commissioned research agency Nielsen, revealed that most Indian mothers (the food purchase decision markers of most households) do not know their key sources of protein.

During the study, majority mothers (81%) were unable to correctly identify protein rich foods presented to them, and instead, incorrectly believed that the basic Indian diet consisting of just roti, dal and rice is enough to meet her family’s daily protein needs. As a result, Indian households hold back protein intake to a pinch with basic staples, as most protein sources remain unidentifiable.

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