Lil’Goodness unveils India’s first prebiotic chocolate

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The chocolates contain 10% less sugar than regular milk chocolates and three times more fiber than regular milk-chocolates.

Lil’Goodness’, a Bengaluru based children’s’ food and nutrition start-up, launches India’s first ‘prebiotic’ chocolate. These first of its kind chocolates have prebiotic fibres, which activate healthy bacteria in the gut and improves the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, therefore promoting better immunity and good health.

The brand aims to empower millennial parents by  adding good for health ingredients like prebiotics into the ultimate fuss-free food for children, chocolates.  Lil Goodness seeks to revolutionize eating habits among children through a comprehensive ecosystem of fresh and packaged meal options integrated with technology to create awareness about healthy eating. 

This prebiotic chocolate, developed in India, contains natural prebiotic fibers which stimulate healthy gut bacteria and therefore improves gut health. The chocolates contain 10% less sugar than regular milk chocolates and three times more fiber than regular milk-chocolates. The mini packs of the prebiotic chocolates which ensure moderate consumption, are priced at Rs 20 to ensure accessibility to a larger demography. The brand is also introducing a dark chocolate variant soon for those who love the darker variety of chocolates. Larger packs in 4 new exciting flavors will soon follow. These chocolates will be the first of its kind in India and perhaps amongst the only two globally. 

On the launch, Harshavardhan, CEO & Co-Founder Lil’Goodness said, “We are happy to add yet another unique product into our range with the launch of our prebiotic chocolates, which makes taking care of the gut health simpler. In the current pandemic situation, it is imperative to take both big and small steps to increase immunity and thus, overall well-being. Moreover the festive season is also approaching, therefore we wanted to introduce an option for people to gift ‘goodness’ filled chocolates. This product range also gives us scope to take our products global, with strong scientific backing for the claims which would resonate with a global audience. With the prebiotic chocolates we want to help both children and adults incorporate healthy choices into their lives easily. In these times as a brand, our objective is to promote Goodness through tasty, nutritious snack options.”

Pariksha Rao, Chief Nutritionist & Co-founder, Lil’Goodness said, “Our products are an amalgamation of taste and nutrition. With carefully chosen ingredients blended together in kid-friendly flavours, each pack serves essential nutrition at ease. We help parents choose nutrition in a way that appeals to children. Even adults love our products for the great health cum taste combination. We are also working on snack options using ancient superfood grains which will again appeal to kids and their parents during these times of work & study from home”

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