Indians keen to switch to non alcoholic beers

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43% of consumers are interested in low-calorie beers

In a latest research done by Mintel, it is highlighted that more than two in five (41%) Indian beer drinkers aged 25-34 say they are interested in switching from standard strength beer to low/no alcohol (LNA) versions.
While alcohol moderation is becoming more pronounced among Indians as a whole, with an average of 38% of Indian beer consumers interested in switching to low/no alcohol versions, the over 45s (32%) are less enthusiastic about making this switch.
The top three barriers for beer consumption among Indian consumers include health reasons (48%), to avoid getting drunk (35%) and to avoid hangovers (31%).

Shining a spotlight on health and wellbeing, Mintel research highlights that many Indian consumers are interested in trying low-calorie (43%) and gluten-free (32%) beer. In fact, over a third of consumers (34%) say low-calorie content is an important factor when purchasing beer.

Furthermore, Mintel’s research highlighted that the most preferred type of beer includes lager (63%) and wheat beer (51%). In addition, craft beer is consumed by almost half of Indian consumers (45%) and is perceived to be of high quality and worth a premium price, as three in four consumers (75%) agree that it is worth paying more for it over mainstream beer.

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