Hydrosol announces launch of plant-based company Planteneers

Image source: Hydrosol

Hydrosol will continue to apply its proven innovative strength to its core business

Germany-based Hydrosol, one of the many successful and fast-growing companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, has recently announced the launch of its plant-based company Planteneers. The new company is led by Dr Matthias Moser, Managing director.

Planteneers will play a crucial role in this market and will be the food industry’s partner for developing innovative, good-tasting plant-based alternatives.

Through collaboration with the other Stern-Wywiol Gruppe subsidiaries, Planteneers will offer customers attractive system solutions from a single source, from stabilizing and texturing to flavoring and fortification.

Moreover, Hydrosol will continue to apply its proven innovative strength to its core business – as the worldwide food industry pays more and more attention to texture in foods. 

“We intend to continue to grow with both companies,” emphasizes Torsten Wywiol, CEO of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. “With that in mind, it will be important to focus on each of their strengths, and further build on them for both brands with the appropriate strategies in each case. That’s the reason we separated the plant-based field out of Hydrosol. To put it differently, our former ‘plant based baby’ has grown up and is ready to strike out on its own. We’re bundling its capabilities in a dedicated company.”

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