Equinom builds new R&D centre in Israel

image caption- Heracles electronic nose at Equinom's facility

Equinom advances its breeding capabilities to provide novel seed-to-table solutions.

Israel based Equinom, Ltd. that houses all vital departments together –biochemistry, applications, sensory, and breeding, is the first seed-breeding company to open an R&D center.

The new center will enable these departments to work and communicate synergistically throughout the course of seed breeding and development, resulting in a more efficient and more accurate process.

The new center, located at Kibbutz Givat Brenner in the agriculturally rich center of Israel, provides end-to-end research and development capabilities to accelerate Equinom’s efforts to develop the next generation of its non-GMO Smarter Seeds boasting exceptional characteristics.

The new R&D center, contains all of the company’s development disciplines: agronomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and food science. The four state-of-the-art laboratories cover most of the company’s R&D units: seed processing, biochemistry lab, food application lab, and a high-tech sensory lab.

The biochemistry lab adds a second layer of deep analysis of seeds and discovery of their traits. It allows for full analysis of a seed strain’s nutritional profile (protein, oil/fat, fibers, starch, etc.) with high-throughput capacity and analysis methodology. This process is unique to Equinom, yielding the minutest details of thousands of lines every season and providing, together with the bio information team, a full genotype and phenotype of each crop.

The food application lab is distinctive to Equinom and is crucial for interpreting the needs of the food industry from seed to table. It can directly incorporate food engineering inputs into Equinom’s breeding technology.

The new sensory lab includes organoleptic tools for improving the design of tastier food products.

With 4,800 square feet dedicated to seed processing, Equinom is able to increase production up to 50% and accelerate its breeding capabilities.


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