Nespresso Momento offers innovative touchless technologies

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Nespresso Professional will be launching a remote control solution for all Nespresso Momento machines, where coffee drinkers will control the machine from their mobile phones thanks to an intuitive web-app

Nespresso Professional has announced the launch of new touchless functionalities for its Nespresso Momento eco-system to bring even safer coffee moments to every office.

“The current global pandemic has disrupted many workplaces, with employees and employers looking to adapt to increased safety measures and sanitary precautions while maintaining or recreating social moments with colleagues,” said Kika Buhrmann, Vice President B2B, at Nespresso USA. “This is why Nespresso Professional has developed three new options for its Nespresso Momento machine range to enable employees to maintain social interactions around their favorite Nespresso coffee in a safer way.”

Swiss firm Nespresso Professional will be launching a remote control solution for all Nespresso Momento machines, where coffee drinkers will control the machine from their mobile phones thanks to an intuitive web-app. This will enable employees to insert the capsule and then choose their preferred cup size and recipe directly from their phone, without touching the machine for a fully contactless experience.

Another option is automatic brewing that can be set up on Nespresso Momento machines. This means coffees will be brewed without touching the screen thanks to the Nespresso Momento capsule recognition feature. The machine will recognize the inserted capsule and brew the coffee according to the predefined cup size.

Nespresso Momento machines also offer a lock-screen option to allow employees to interact with them safely. The main advantage is that each coffee drinker can disinfect the touch-screen before interacting with it. 

The enhanced machine features can be complemented by single touch accessories with the new Nespresso capsules dispensers, which will be launched in November, to create a more comforting environment and make every coffee moment even safer.


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