Brabender offers new method to study characteristics of vanilla pudding


The company has examined the extent to which commercially available puddings differ in their consistency

German firm Brabender, that supplies instruments for testing of the material quality in all ranges of research, development and industrial production in various industries, has developed a new method to get quick results about the characteristics of viscous and pasty masses like pudding. 

The company has examined the extent to which commercially available puddings differ in their consistency. Since the composition of these products is very similar in most cases and therefore only marginal differences are to be expected, the company carried out corresponding tests with a high precision viscosimeter, the Brabender ViscoQuick.

A total of 10 different commercial pudding mixes were purchased in supermarkets. In addition, a product manufactured for industrial use in the bakery industry was tested but was not included in the evaluation because of its gelatinisation and cooling properties, which deviated greatly from the other samples.

The Brabender ViscoQuick used for the test series has an integrated heating/cooling system that operates without an additional heating or cooling thermostat. Owing to the high heating/cooling rates, the individual measurements could be performed in a relatively short time.

The study found that one pudding mix was very different from all other samples. One can only speculate about the reasons. All other patterns showed predominantly similar or equal viscosities. However, the change in the ranking (highest – lowest) of the individual pudding samples when the final temperature was changed was remarkable.

Due to its technical innovations, the ViscoQuick is a helpful and easy-to-use measuring device for objectively determining the consistency of starch-based foods on the one hand, and for time-efficient process and recipe development on the other.

“No qualitative assessments were made during the tests and evaluations. The aim was exclusively to point out and make visible any differences that may exist. The final assessment of the individual puddings is the sole responsibility of the consumer”, said Markus Löns, Business Development Manager Food, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG.


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