Bostik launches new series of adhesives direct food contact labels


Food Touch H18 is part of a series of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives compliant with local standards for food safety

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets headquartered in France, has announced the launch of Bostik Food Touch H18, a new series of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs) for applications such as direct food contact labels.

Fruit and vegetable adhesives are classified as either direct or indirect food additives and must meet specific food-grade standards and requirements. Bostik Food Touch H18 series is compliant with local standards for food safety.

GB9685-2016 sets a positive list of additives that can be used to produce various food contact materials and articles as well as their use scope and restrictions. This ensures that the substances in direct contact with food do not harm human health nor affect the composition, structure, colour and flavour of food.

Food Touch H18 series offers a wide application temperature range and can be applied to many surface types, making it suitable for common face stock materials. The series also offers good resistance to fruit essence and has no residue when removed from the fruit or vegetable – a basic but key consumer requirement that needs to be met.

Food Touch H18 has well-balanced initial tack, peel and shear performance and performs well in low to semi-freeze temperature. Like all Bostik label adhesives, it possesses excellent die-cut, matrix stripping abilities and is formulated for minimal to no haloing and curling.

Due to the tackiness of the adhesives, Food Touch H18 labels do not fall off or curl up during long-distance transportation. Additionally, one of the key features of the new smart adhesive series is its excellent converting and die-cut performance using linerless labels, resulting in lighter labels that can be transported easily.

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