Board of International Dairy Federation elects NDDB chairman Dilip Rath

Image credit: NDDB

Rath is associated with IDF for the last 10 years as Member Secretary of Indian National Committee

Dilip Rath, Chairman, National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has been unanimously elected to the Board of International Dairy Federation (IDF) during the General Assembly of IDF.

Rath said, “I see my election to the IDF Board as an opportunity to bring along valuable insights from the Indian dairy experience and foster complementarities and synergies between dairying nations. It is a privilege for me to represent the world’s largest milk producing nation and contribute to promoting Sustainable Goals of dairying and also meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I keenly look forward to furthering IDF Board’s mandate.”

Rath is associated with IDF for the last 10 years as Member Secretary of Indian National Committee and as a member of the Standing Committee on Dairy Policy and Economics. He has participated in National Committee Secretaries’ meetings as well as General Assembly on numerous occasions. Shri Rath was also a distinguished speaker in the Leaders’ Forum Panel at Rotterdam Summit in 2016. He played a key role in signing the Dairy Declaration at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Rotterdam in October 2016 between IDF and FAO. The

Rath as Secretary of the Indian National Committee, took the initiative to host the World Dairy Summit in India in 2022. India will host the first post COVID -19 IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 in which over 1000 participants including experts, academicians, dairy professionals are expected to participate from about 55 countries. Hosting the World Dairy Summit in New Delhi, India, will be a proud moment and a befitting tribute to the dairy farmers. The summit provides a global forum to dairy leaders and experts to exchange knowledge and ideas on how the sector can contribute to nourish the world with safe and sustainable dairying.

Rath said that cooperative approach in India is not a matter of choice but it constitutes an essential strategy by which millions of small dairy farmers are being empowered to have a level playing field in the market and get a fair share of the value of milk. Dairying in India has proven to be the growth engine for the farm sector as a whole. It is not only about providing nutrition to billions of consumers but is also about ensuring sustainable livelihood for millions of our milk producers. India ranks first among the world’s milk producing nations and has the largest bovine population in the World.

The milk production in country has been growing at the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.43 % as against the global CAGR of 1.53 % for the last 5 years. The impressive growth and self-sufficiency in the dairy sector has been made possible by the concerted efforts of the dairy farmers, Government of India, NDDB and many other stakeholders. In this context the selection of Shri Rath is considered to be a matter of pride for India.

The global dairy sector is poised to play an important role towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal aimed at eliminating hunger by 2030.

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