Power Gummies launches digital campaign to introduce wellness gummy vitamins


The brand aims at giving traditional vitamins a facelift and making health fun for all

Power Gummies (Aesthetic Nutrition), based in New Delhi,  has launched its digital campaign #GummyUpShapeUpDressUp to introduce the launch of its unisex wellness gummy vitamins for individuals who aspire to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The campaign encourages influencers to share their morning routine, but not to leave out taking their vitamins. The 45-second campaign jingle ties in with the brand’s mantra of how indulging in holistic wellness and daily nutrition should be a constant pursuit. Targeted at individuals of ages 18 to 50, who hate chewing on bitter, hard-to-swallow vitamin capsules, the brand aims at giving traditional vitamins a facelift and making health fun for all.

Research behind the product showed that in the weeks that followed the lockdown, people were stress-eating, therefore, the body was not receiving its daily intake of nutrition and there was a lack of exercise and activity because of being contained within the four walls of their homes. This gave rise to individuals feeling demotivated, lethargic and also meant that this had an adverse effect on their bodies, giving rise to weight gain and health issues which would go on to affect the body’s immune system. This was a key driving factor for the innovation behind the Weight Management Gummies from the brand. The brand ensures that the gummies coupled with regular exercise, a good diet, and a good amount of sleep, will help provide the necessary nutrition for the body to aid the slow metabolic rates of the body and in turn, show long-term results.

“Health should be the top priority of our life and our priority defines our products”, says Divij Bajaj, Founder of Power Gummies (Aesthetic Nutrition).

Consciously formulated, these vitamins are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and crafted cruelty-free. Ideal for workaholics with fast-paced lifestyles, goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts, and even individuals who struggle with gut health, digestion issues, unhealthy lifestyles, and low metabolism rates, this product is able to combat the daily weight-related stressors from your life.

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