Nuritas sends muscle health peptides for human trials

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PeptiStrong, which enhances muscle health, was discovered in fava beans

Ireland based Nuritas is conducting a randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial of its first peptide ingredient, PeptiStrong. The new ingredient is for adults looking to preserve their vitality and youthfulness by maintaining and restoring muscle health. 

According to Prof Luc van Loon, Professor, Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition, Maastricht University, Netherlands, and an expert in muscle metabolism who is heading up the study, “If we could find effective nutritional interventions we would have a strategy to support healthy aging for people who want to retain muscle mass, improve metabolic health and remain active in life.”

PeptiStrong, which enhances muscle health, was discovered in fava beans using Nuritas’s proprietary AI technology, NπΦ (pronounced N-pi-fy or Nuritas Peptide Finder). The impetus for this double-blind clinical trial, which is underway (results expected by the end of 2020 due to Covid-19 delays), is the growing body of evidence described in a scientific publication documenting PeptiStrong efficacy. The peer-reviewed article is published in Nutrients, a high-impact journal of human nutrition. The study found the peptide ingredient to ameliorate the devastating effects of disuse-induced muscle atrophy on muscle mass, at intakes indicating low human dose equivalency.

“We are proud to be proving the efficacy of our products through successful human trials. PeptiStrong is an important new development, and our published research and clinical trials are a testament to the tireless work of our team and the world-class quality of our in-house laboratory,” said Dr Nora Khaldi, Founder and CEO, Nuritas.

Already available to consumers in the US as a dietary supplement called Elio Restore, PeptiStrong will soon be available in a large number of nutritional products and medical foods.

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