Brooklyn Brewery expands non-alcoholic portfolio

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The brewery is taking on IPA-the most popular craft beer style out there-and welcoming it to the non-alcoholic space

This January, global craft beer innovator Brooklyn Brewery based in the US is expanding its non-alcoholic line with the introduction of Special Effects IPA.

Coming off the success of their first non-alcoholic brew, Special Effects Hoppy Amber, Brooklyn Brewery is taking on IPA-the most popular craft beer style out there-and welcoming it to the non-alcoholic space. This Special Effects IPA release expands the Brewery’s portfolio of non-alcoholic brews, and like its predecessor, Special Effects IPA’s full, hoppy flavor tastes exactly like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it’s not.

“During development, we held ourselves to the same quality standards as any other beer in the Brooklyn portfolio, but Special Effects IPA posed an alluring technical challenge; could a non-alcoholic IPA actually be delicious? People will be glad to see that Special Effects IPA tastes like IPA! In this case we’re a bit closer to a classic, West Coast IPA, with a light to moderate body, good fruit, a nice hop bite and a floral, citrus hop aroma,” says Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster and James Beard Award Winner, Garrett Oliver.

Proving yet again that flavor doesn’t always have to correlate with alcohol content, Special Effects IPA brings the bright citrus hop aromas of a classic IPA to consumers seeking better non-alcoholic beverage options. The new non-alcoholic IPA comes in at under 100 calories and is brewed to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Special Effects IPA is the second release in Brooklyn Brewery’s non-alcoholic portfolio. Since its launch in 2019, Special Effects has grown to the Brewery’s #5 largest brand globally, and deemed one of the best non-alcoholic beers by teetotalers, beer geeks, and everyone in between.

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