Bright future of alternative medicine market in India

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India is one of the top exporters of alternative medicines in the world

India is a vast democratic setup and the recent pandemic has given a boost to its root, where natural herbs and supplements lie as the key to system of alternative medicines and zyropathy in India.

If we try and analyze, the trend has seen a spike in the last 5 years and has been so because of all good reasons. India, as a hub for alternative medicines, zyropathy & homeopathy which is known for its historic proves and records.

According to a recent report, the key reason for the surge in demand for alternative medicine especially zyropathy in India is the rapidly growing consumer awareness about side effects of chemicals and overpowering benefits of the same. Zyropathy is emerging medicine system which is a natural care-based healing method that has helped over 90,000 people across 17 countries in leading a disease-free life. Backed with scientific facts and methods a treatment that addresses the root cause of the issue by strengthening immunity and providing essentials to the body to cure the disorders instead of controlling symptoms.

In present time, India is one of the top exporters of alternative medicines, in the world and you will be surprised to know that our major export destination includes the United States and European countries, like Germany and France. The good thing is, Indian government is also supporting the industry with investments in scientific research in AYUSH, and are also promoting the development of necessary infrastructure and regulatory framework for the alternative medicines industry.

The spike in demand for alternative treatment is also because people are using it frequently for chronic illness including skin, joint pain, and respiratory disorders. Also, it is being used for severe health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and even diabetes.

Also, sudden rise in demand for immunity boosting supplements, which are effectively served by alternative medications, has given a boost to the businesses, as these medicines give inner strength to the body and boost the immune system from within.


Nature is key to success

If we go by the trend report, experts are using a wide variety of techniques, including herbs, massage, and specialized diets to balance the body, mind, and spirit, to promote overall wellness and that is what attracting a lot of people in the diverse market. The lucrative part is, they don’t have any side effect. As per an industry report, in India, states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala are seeing a spike in medical tourism and the reason is, they are loaded with herbs and ingredients that are beneficial for alternative medicines market. Also, these states offer adequate infrastructure and a relatively less contaminated environment for the experts working in the alternative medicine field to make the most of it. Also, the state governments of these states are very supportive in drafting industry-friendly policies that helps outsiders to work smoothly in the market throughout the year.

To be precise, the future of alternative medicine industry is lucrative, because in every quarter we can see a lot new players are entering the market with innovative products, quality packaging, and strategic marketing activities. The most interesting thing in present time is the extensive branding and marketing that was earlier not a part of the game. The new generation of entrepreneurs is working day in and out on such aspects, to make the best of resources and social media has turned out to be the most inexpensive tool. In this game, generating awareness has attracted a lot of audiences and today’s generation is well read and travelled, so for them anything substantial and informative works and that is the reason the future of this industry is shining bright in the next 10 years.


Kamayani Naresh, Founder, Zyro Healthcare

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