Meenaxi Research targets eczema with herbo mineral technology

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The formulation has completed its clinical trial in India with 98 per cent successful results

US based Meenaxi Research Inc.’s researchers have produced an innovative breakthrough to tend to Atopic Dermatitis. This is the first time that a herbo-mineral drug has been discovered. This drug will not only address the symptoms but also the problem behind atopic dermatitis. Its safe application with no side effects makes it ideal for use on infants as well as adult patients.

Eczema is a very common skin disease seen by general practitioners as well as dermatologists and accounts to more than 30 per cent of all dermatological consultations. Eczema can affect an individual’s social and physiological well-being.

The market is flooded with topical steroids. but none of them have proven to be efficient and effective in providing long-term relief. Tapping on the market needs; a startup medical research company along with some of the finest formulation scientists have come up with a topical preparation that is based on Ayurveda sciences and woven by modern medicinal science. Its successful clinical trials have addressed the problem of eczema with record breaking results.

The formulation has completed its clinical trial in India with 98 per cent successful results. The trial proved that it gave relief of symptoms within twenty-four hours of its application. The trials also concluded that because the amalgamation contained herbal, mineral and allopathic active ingredients, there were no side effects along with the desired effects. It will be interesting to witness the embrace of this formulation by the world healthcare market as it has the potential to heal physical and mental trauma faced by patients of atopic dermatitis and their families.

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