Tyson Foods pumps in $26M to expand bacon plant

Inage Credit: Wrightbrand.com

The development comes on the back of volume growth in bacon category, up by 18 per cent from 2017

Tyson Foods, Inc. is investing $26 million to expand production at the iconic WRIGHT BRAND BACON facility in Vernon, Texas. Scheduled for completion by March of 2021, the expansion is expected to create 32 new jobs, bringing the total employment at the plant to more than 800.

“This project is great news for our plant, our community and our customers,” said Dane Bonfy, manager of the Wright Brand plant. “We love the Vernon community and look forward to growing our team with additional positions and meeting the growing demand for our products.” Hiring for these and other positions starts immediately, Bonfy added.

“I am extremely excited about the addition and enhancements to the Wright Brand facility in Vernon, Texas,” said Vernon Mayor Pam Gosline. “Adding jobs is nothing but great news for our community. Tyson Foods is and always has been a vital ingredient to the growth of Vernon, and we are very thankful to them for all they do for our community. Vernon is proud to be the home of Wright Brand Bacon since 1922.”

The bacon category has seen volume growth, up 18 percent since 2017, with new people entering the category and existing buyers consuming more bacon, most recently due to an increase in at-home meals. Surpassing category growth during this same time period, Wright Brand has increased volume by 29 percent as more buyers are introduced to the brand. The expansion is expected to satisfy current demand and allow room for additional growth.

The Wright Brand is known for its hand-trimmed and thick-cut real wood smoked bacon. Flavors have been perfected through a 90-year proprietary curing recipe, featuring favorites including hickory-smoked, applewood smoked, double smoke and maple-flavored bacon.


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