SALUD launches first ever ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic in India

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Salud launches G&T 2.0 with its first three flavors- Original, Cucumber, and Lavender

SALUD the brand is all set to change the way people celebrate life with the launch of the first-ever ready to drink Gin & Tonic range in India. Salud positions itself as a lifestyle brand, whose priority is to bring premium quality, at affordable pricing, for all age groups and lifestyles. Salud makes an entrance with G&T 2.0; a mixture of sophistication and freshness. With a strategic, yet subtle breaking of gender assignment to RTDs, Salud is a game-changer, targeting a much wider bracket of the alcohol drinking demographic. 
Salud launches G&T 2.0 with its first three flavors- Original, Cucumber, and Lavender. 
Original- Salud retains the original classic way that Gin is consumed with resplendent English Juniper, and the effervescence of Indian Tonic. The fresh flavor can transport and gives the most versatile drinking experience.
Cucumber – Retaining the original formula, Salud has skillfully crafted the beverage with succulent English cucumber, and Indian tonic to offer an invigorating experience. 
Lavender – Aromatherapy in a bottle, this fine beverage with subtle French Lavender, together with the Indian Tonic, and English Juniper, results in an equally distinctive and sublime flavor. 
With a vision to be boundless and global, Salud brings alcoholic beverages, and soon, non-alcoholic beverages, as well as craft spirits that encapsulate a healthy balance of fun, class, and ease. Through the executions of being an aspirational brand, Salud also brings merchandise and musical experiences under the titles of Salud Live and Salud Sessions. 

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