CMRSD lauds AYUSH Ministry for healthcare solutions

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The purpose of the evaluation exercise was to assess the impact of the CoEs in achieving the objectives of the Scheme.

A recent evaluation of the Centres of Excellence (CoE) scheme of the AYUSH Ministry carried by the Centre for Market Research and Social Development (CMRSD), New Delhi has lauded the scheme for its innovative and creative projects that are promoting AYUSH-based healthcare solutions in different parts of the country.

The evaluation study further noted that all the CoEs have credible governance structures and have also raised competent groups of core staff in the fields in which the projects function.

The evaluation covered 18 Centres of Excellence from 10 different States, including Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Kerala. The purpose of the evaluation exercise was to assess the impact of the CoEs in achieving the objectives of the Scheme, and in assessing challenges, if any, faced by the organization for achieving the standards fixed by Ministry.

The healthcare services provided by these Centres include integrated cancer treatment incorporating Ayurveda solutions, Ayurvedic treatment for conditions like bronchial asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, geriatric care through Regimental Therapy of Unani medicine, quality ophthalmologic care through Ayurveda and Homoeopathic care for disability.

Some of the centres have produced results in areas critical for modernization and development of AYUSH practices, practices like tissue culture and genetic mapping critical for studies of medicinal plants

A major finding was that through the innovative and creative projects taken up by these Centres, they not only promoted AYUSH systems but also provided health care at quality hospitals having NABH accreditation. These CoEs have also succeeded in conducting Clinical Research for various diseases, Drug standardization, upgrading Quality Testing Laboratory, and conducting research on medicinal plants.

The study observed that the efforts made by the CoEs in terms of research projects and research paper publication in national and international journals are notable. Research projects are being done and from the research projects, papers are being published in the research journals.

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