Neogen launches early warning COVID-19 detection for wastewater

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Neogen also offers disinfectants, including Synergize and COMPANION, cleaners, and hand sanitizers

Neogen Corporation has recently announced the launch of Early Warning COVID-19 Testing for wastewater.

Neogen’s Early Warning solution is a piloted, accurate, and reliable test to monitor for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus known to cause COVID-19, in sludge from wastewater facilities. With the test, Neogen can provide precise results that quickly identify new types of outbreaks, and also provide early signals of potential infections and surges within facilities.

The technology behind the Early Warning test is based on the research and innovation from immunologist and virologist expert, David Hirschberg Ph.D., and the team at RAIN Incubator, a biotechnology solutions provider based in Tacoma, Wash.

Early Warning testing in wastewater screens a broad segment of the population and identifies the area of infection, so that specific resources can be directed to the appropriate geographic areas. Data from Early Warning testing can be used for entities to assess potential target testing of individuals in areas showing elevated viral loads. This allows vulnerable people to be isolated, decreasing the number of contacts between infected and healthy individuals and limiting the spread of the virus.

Neogen’s entrance into wastewater testing is the latest in the company’s response to slow the spread of COVID-19. Neogen also offers disinfectants, including Synergize and COMPANION, cleaners, and hand sanitizers.


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