IAFNS sets in to promote collaborative research in food, nutrition


The organization is committed to full disclosure of the funding of research and to sharing research methods and data with the scientific community

February 18 marks the establishment of The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS), a 501(c)(3) organisation focused on catalysing science for the benefit of public health.

Previously known as the International Life Sciences Institute, North America, IAFNS is building on a proud heritage with a focus on actionable science that promotes nutrition, food safety and public health.

“This is the next step in a natural evolution that better communicates what we do and where we are headed,” said IAFNS Executive Director Dr. Wendelyn Jones. “We believe that collaboration and the inclusion of diverse perspectives from academia, industry and government are the best ways to generate credible science that benefits the entire food and beverage ecosystem.”

Because IAFNS’ operating model draws on expertise from academia, industry and government, the organization is uniquely positioned to drive, fund and lead actionable research. This research elevates food safety and nutrition sciences whether the topic is bioactives, pathogens in food or another of the range of scientific topics IAFNS addresses.

Scientific integrity is a core value of IAFNS — centered around transparency. The organization is committed to full disclosure of the funding of research and to sharing research methods and data with the scientific community. IAFNS is also committed to publishing all research results regardless of outcome.

“Public-private partnerships and collaborations are central to delivering science that matters,” said Jones. “Our approach to nutrition and food safety research will continue to advance science and evidence-based decision-making by ensuring the flow of relevant, useful information that positively impacts public health.”

IAFNS pools funding from industry collaborators and advances science through the in-kind and financial contributions from public and private sector participants. The diversity of perspectives on committees and working groups — from all sectors — means no one interest dominates. Ensuring a balance of perspectives is the most appropriate way to minimize any potential conflict of interest or bias.

Science and research serve as the foundation for IAFNS’ actions and approach. The organization’s portfolio is balanced between addressing today’s significant challenges along with tomorrow’s greatest opportunities whether they’re in food allergens, sustainable packaging or other emerging areas of food and beverage innovation.

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