Healthy foods startup Habbit announces consumer debut

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The portfolio of products includes proteins, ice creams and a super shake for the entire family.

Health and nutrition startup Habbit recently announced its consumer debut with a range of nutritious and tasty products that enable consumers to lead healthier lives and prevent lifestyle diseases without making alterations to their behaviour.

The portfolio of products includes proteins, ice creams and a super shake for the entire family.

Habbit’s range of proteins includes 2 whey protein options – Apex and Active and a 100% plant-based protein, Habbit Green. The entire value chain is organic and absolutely free of chemicals. Habbit is making this category more accessible and enjoyable by offering proteins in easy-to-use, single-serve sachets in 7 delicious flavours.

Habbit Wise Creams offer calorie ice creams with every serving being less than 50 calories, which is less than half an apple. Available in 6 gourmet flavours such as Blueberry Crumble, Salted Caramel, Lychee Blush, etc. Wise Creams contain zero added sugar and are keto + diabetic friendly.

Habbit Super Shake is a daily nutrition drink for the entire family. A glass of Habbit Super Shake covers all your essential nutrition requirements. It consists of all essential fibres, healthy omega, vitamins and minerals with zero added sugar to give a super start to your day. 

Dhruv Bhushan, Cofounder & CEO, Habbit said on the company’s consumer launch, “Catalysed by the pandemic, there is a high desire to make lifestyle changes to achieve better health outcomes along with a changed perception of what it means to be healthy. Our intention with Habbit is to build a global brand that changes the conversation around health and nutrition by injecting a much-needed dose of playfulness and fun. We want to bring nutrition to the forefront and make it a starting point for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. We have created a brand that can emotionally resonate with a wide range of consumers and is inclusive and welcoming of everyone. Habbit as a brand believes that health is a journey to be enjoyed and not a milestone to be crossed,” says Dev Kabir Malik, Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer of Habbit.


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