Demand for walnuts soars with increased usage in dishes, individual consumption

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FSSAI has recently suggested incorporating such ingredients in one’s daily diet to maintain good health

Walnuts are supporting the Indian food and beverage industry to gain more traction. Bakeries, pâtisseries and the food and beverage processing industry are using walnuts in an ever-increasing manner. Walnuts make for a great ingredient.  Walnut-embellished menu items are rich in texture, have a great mouth-feel and crunchiness. These are nutritious as well. Walnuts are being used to create menus that incorporate healthy salads, curries and desserts. Walnuts are also being used for snacks to be served along with High-Tea. 

The global pandemic has been a watershed moment for the Indian food-led businesses. Nutrition and family health have become a priority. It has compelled the food-led industry to re-imagine and reposition their business concept and culinary-product profile.  Food brands, whether as an outlet or through food retail are tapping into the moments of consumption of customers with healthier options. The nutrition-packed walnut has become a trusted key ingredient. Customers are extending their repeat patronage to walnut-based menu items and food-retail products. 

Food and beverage businesses are collaborating with the wellness sector and nutritionists to pave the path to a healthy today and a fitter tomorrow.  Higher revenues and increased profitability are the results. The purchasing behavior of customers has changed completely. The transparency created by food retailers through detailed product-profiling is allowing customers for the careful and right selection of food products. Products such as walnut bread and walnut butter are finding prominent places on food-retail shelves and finding favor with customers. According to research, consumption of walnut butter would increase, thereby increasing its profitability. Walnut butter is being marked in a creative and nutrition-led blend with other ingredients.  

Consuming plant-based ingredients such as nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetable produce, whole grains, beans, pulses, soy foods, plant oils, herbs and spices are recommended for a healthier way of life.  The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have recently suggested incorporating such ingredients in one’s daily diet to maintain good health and optimal immunity.

Walnuts are a nutrition-storehouse, which are entering the priority list of health-conscious menus and encouraging the F&B industry to promote meals and dishes with nutritional value. These super nuts are packed with nutrients to support the heart, brain, and gut, and are known to have prebiotic properties that enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

They further act as an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 ALA, which is essential for heart health, thus being recommended in the fitness and dietary industry as well. With these health benefits, consumer behaviourism in India is seen siding with walnuts and thus catapulting the consumption of nuts in India as it gives frontline players in the F&B industry to bet big on the sector.

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