Leucine Rich Bio provides supplementary support to stem cell transplantation patients

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Diet is a key modifiable factor influencing the composition of the gut microbiota

Bengaluru based Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia’s first microbiome company, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Dr B. S. Rajput led Scigenomics Pvt Ltd., based in Mumbai, to provide its gut microbiome test, BugSpeaks to patients undergoing stem cell transplantation and the anti-aging treatments. 

Gut microbiome dysbiosis is implicated in many diseases like IBD, IBS, type2 diabetes, obesity etc. The role and impact of the gut microbiota in intestinal and hematopoietic stem cells have recently been shown in various research studies. Inflammatory disease like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis have also been shown to have links with the gut microbiota.

Talking about the collaboration Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Co-founder and director, Leucine Rich Bio opines “The impact of the gut microbiota is now being seen in practically all diseases especially immune and inflammation-based ones. A dysbiotic gut can negatively impact lot of organs and in this context, BugSpeaks will be really a good supplementary support for patients who are undergoing stem cell therapy as this will not only provide a snapshot of the intestinal dysbiosis, if any, but will also provide actionable recommendation like personalized nutrition and supplements to take care of it. Taken together, a healthy gut may improve the efficacy and overall quality of life of the patients undergoing stem cell transplantation”.

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