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Having a healthy diet and undertaking regular exercising schedules helps in managing stress and anxiety

Mental health has become an issue that needs more attention from people and health authorities. It is a growing concern among young adults as well as the working generation. Life has changed, and the pandemic has brought with it a volley of troubles. Unexpected turmoil is causing even more stress and anxiety among citizens of all age groups.

Nowadays, we have progressively adopted a healthy lifestyle. Citizens are switching their fast-food habits to pure and natural ingredients. Similarly, when dealing with stress and anxiety, people choose Ayurveda and herbs that are readily available. Here are some common herbs to relieve stress and anxiety:


  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): It is a versatile herb classified as an adaptogen. It means that Ashwagandha has a significant effect on managing stress. Adaptogens are factors that affect the hormones and bodily systems that regulate how a person responds to stress. It is one of the herbs that is known to be effective in women for their stress-related issues. It is one of the many herbs that have a long proven history in Indian traditions and the medicine of Ayurveda. It is also effective in other body problems such as low thyroid and blood pressure.


  • Chamomile: You may have heard of Chamomile as a variety of tea. It is popularly consumed as a tea that helps soothe a long stressful day. A study has shown that long-term use of chamomile extract helps reduce symptoms of moderate to severe level stress and anxiety. Chamomile is a flowering plant that looks similar to a Daisy. There are two types of Chamomile: Roman and German. It is commonly used as a tea, extract, tablet, and as an ingredient in skincare. All these forms are effective in relieving stress and anxiety. Chamomile has also effectively been used as a sleep aid.


  • Lavender: It is fascinating to know that Lavender is from the mint family of flowering herbs. It has the most endearing looks like a plant and charms everyone that comes into its company. Lavender also has a long proven history in helping calm ones nerves. It is commonly used as an essential oil. It can also be used in making tea. Lavender oil is used in many spa businesses for massages and baths. It is also one of the most popular candle fragrance in the market for its stress and anxiety-relieving properties.


Handy herbs such as those mentioned above are a natural way of managing stress and anxiety. Long-term use of these herbs will give results. It is advisable that you consult a doctor to ensure that you are not overlapping your medication if you might be on any. 

Having a healthy diet and undertaking regular exercising schedules helps in managing stress and anxiety. Try your best to spend time with family and friends that give you comfort and help you destress. For certain people, pets can also be helpful. Engage your mind in a creative way to distract it from the routine you have chalked. Fresh air and a pleasant walk with your loved ones can also do a great deal of help.


Kamayani Naresh, Founder, Zyropathy

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