GI-tagged Alphonso mangoes go completely traceable

Image credit: Innoterra

Consumers can scan the QR code to know the GI status and source of the Alphonso mango

Innoterra Tech, an Innoterra group company, has recently announced that it is collaborating with the state government of Maharashtra, Konkan Alphonso Mango Producers and Sellers Cooperative Association– the proprietor and Custodian of Alphonso Geographical indication issued by Geographical indication Registry, Government of India – to tag each Alphonso mango with FarmTrace. FarmTrace has picked the original king of mangoes, the GI-tagged Alphonso.

The innovative traceability solution from Innoterra Tech works with a simple sticker scan and provides consumers with key information points, such as point of origin, farm location and timeline, displayed on their mobile phones. The technology not only helps consumers but also farmers in the Konkan belt. By tagging their Alphonso fruit, they can ensure that they receive the right premium for their produce.

Suniti Gupta, MD and CEO of Innoterra Tech, explains: “Our solution is based on technology architecture that links data already logged by food producers and suppliers, tracks each piece of fruit based on a unique sticker. Scanning the sticker QR code will let the consumers know the location of the farm, the batch number, processing unit, packaging unit, shipping information as well a complete timeline of these steps. Thus, the complete journey of fruit from the farm to the retail shelf is made available to the consumers. This is especially relevant for all GI-tagged products, as authenticity and source of origin are very important in ensuring the right value for producers.”


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