First Ayurveda-inspired functional chocolate brand enters India


AWSUM is India’s first functional chocolate brand for millennials who are dealing with modern-day lifestyle disorders

Designed to help the urban working millennials deal with their modern-day lifestyle disorders like stress, mid-day lethargy insomnia, depression, etc., Pranav Sharma and Kritik Thakur, have launched India’s first Functional Chocolate brand, Awsum. 

Awsum is first of its kind chocolate brand which is using Ayurvedic principles to make products healthier that nowhere compromises on taste. Awsum uses the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and combines it with premium dark and milk chocolate to create exciting products that come with functional benefits.

The Functional Chocolate as a category is very new and novel for the Indian markets with no similar brands available in the same space.

These Chocolates are packed with herbs and nutrients that help the body to deal with the modern-day lifestyle health disorders and are very relevant for the current scenario where we are all dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19. The chocolates have a rich and smooth texture and do not come at a compromise of taste.

Awsum has initially launched 4 variants to start off with which are: Daily Energy, Sleep, Goodbye Stress and Active Immunity.

The idea of Awsum was conceived in the backdrop of nationwide lockdown declared by the government last year in 2020 when the co-founders themselves grappled with problems such as sleep deprivation, daytime lethargy, and anxiety. And their own experience led to the creation of the brand that aims to help people deal with these problems in a more convenient and an exciting way. 

Their ‘Awsum’ thought took shape at Gurugram based start-up incubator, Huddle that closely works with selected high-growth start-ups. The company is also backed and mentored by a group of highly accomplished individuals and industry experts.

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