Kanchan Metals launches pellet frying line for snacks industry


One of the best features, when compared with other systems, is the low maintenance component

New Delhi-based Kanchan Metals has recently launched a Pellet Frying Line with Pre-Fryer for the growing snacks and food processing industry.

This revolutionary product is developed for Fryums-Pellet Snacks, Namkeen ingredients like Sabudana, Vatana and other products that require dual-stage Frying.

The double-wall fryer with submerges Fryer having Direct (with heat recovery system) and Indirect oil heating options results in fuel-efficient Frying while adding Pre-Frying to existing Fryers results in increased production capacity, better product expansion, and crunchiness.

The line capacity of the Pellet Frying Line with Pre-Fryer starts from 300kg/hr onwards till 1000kg/hr. Pre-Heater technology helps to remove the moisture of raw pellets at lower tempt. The machine is inbuilt with a system that is capable of handling a wide range of pellet shapes using a highly efficient frying process.

One of the best features, when compared with other systems, is the low maintenance component.

With the launch of this line, the manufacturing equipment brand aims to enhance product manufacturing services within the food processing industry. It will further upscale the food processing category with its modern design and state-of-the-art technological features.

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