Max Protein launches first-ever protein peanut butter in 5 flavours

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It is naturally full of protein, fibre and retains the health benefits that peanuts offer

Mumbai based FMCG brand Max Protein, by Naturell India, has launched protein peanut butter in five flavours.

Peanut butter, due to its high protein content, has recently become quite popular with fitness freaks and youngsters. It is naturally full of protein, fibre and retains the health benefits that peanuts offer. Apart from being nutritious and delicious, it has myriad list of health benefits to offer. Peanut Butter is a superfood, with a large amount of natural protein and lot of essential minerals, peanut butter qualifies as a superfood. But even beyond health, it is a considerably beneficial food.

Max Protein as a brand always look for innovation in the health food categories. They always break the clutter by having the right mix of protein, health, and taste together in every bite, be it in any of their existing or new categories. These are:

Classic Crunchy – It is crunchier than any other crunchy peanut butter available in the market.

Spicy Chutney – This is the first in the category spicy variant. This can be used to spice up your curry or spread over toast or use it as a dip.

Choco Creamy – Discover the tastiest peanut butter ever, it stands out amazingly well when compared with any of the chocolate spread available in the market. 

Tangy Tomato – A great source of Vitamin C, potassium, and other essential nutrients.

Classic Creamy – Try them on toasts, in sandwiches, with fresh fruits or on salad dressings or as delicious dips or just enjoy a rich spoonful. Combining tasty, high-value ingredients in a smooth, satisfying texture, this snack is protein-packed and tastes delicious.


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