Vedas Cure develops ayurvedic remedies to treat PCOD

Image credit: Vedas Cure

Kachnaar Guggulu is a classical ayurvedic tablet by Vedas Cure to treat PCOD.

Noida-based startup Vedas Cure has recently developed PCOD Care- a unique and natural herbal composition that has helped thousands of women across the country to recover from PCOD. The composition is made using 30 highly effective natural herbs.

“Ovaries produce female sex hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone and male sex hormones like Testosterone in limited amount. During the menstrual cycle, these hormones assist in the natural production of eggs in the ovaries. PCOD is a result of an imbalance of these sex hormones,” shares Vikas Chawla, Founder, and Director, Vedas Cure.

Kachnaar Guggulu is a classical ayurvedic tablet by Vedas Cure to treat PCOD. Depending on the symptoms Rajparvatni Vati and Chandraprabha Vati are also given to the patients.

The herbal composition and tablets contain Kachnaar Chaal and Ashok Chhal along with 28 other herbs which help in dissolving the cysts and treat PCOD related problems. To support this, ayurvedic medicines for ovulation support and metabolism are also prescribed as a part of the treatment that is crucial in preventing gynecological disorders. Free from side effects, all medicines prescribed by Vedas Cure are 100 per cent natural and are composed of the right proportions of healing herbs.

Vedas Cure also prescribes a customised diet chart and exercise schedule to maintain a healthy weight supplemented with Vitamins during the course of the treatment.


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