Nearly all Americans indulge in daily chocolate treat: Cargill survey

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The company’s ChocoLogic research reveals consumers’ preferences, motivations, and attitudes toward decadent ingredients

A new survey from Cargill finds most Americans indulge in a chocolate-flavored treat every day. Viewed as a reward, mood lifter, energy booster and the secret to surviving a tough day, the company’s ChocoLogic research reveals consumers’ preferences, motivations and attitudes toward the decadent ingredient.

Cargill fielded a proprietary survey to track chocolate’s appeal on its own, and also when incorporated into the bakery, beverages, candy, ice cream, salty snacks and snack/nutrition bars. Fielded in February 2021, the survey gathered responses from more than 600 primary US grocery shoppers. For most of these consumers, chocolate flavors are their go-to-choice.

Given that most consumers enjoy a daily chocolate treat, it’s no surprise that three in four view chocolate as a way to reward oneself. Other motivations for indulging are less obvious. Seven in ten (72 per cent) agree that chocolate lifts their mood, while 59 per cent say it boosts their energy. More than half of Americans find chocolate gets them through a tough day.

Nearly seven in ten associate chocolate with health benefits, a characterization even more prominent among consumers of dark chocolate. Perhaps not surprisingly, the survey found this perception is a key purchase driver for dark chocolate, with 52 per cent of consumers choosing it because they believe “it’s healthier”.

The ChocoLogic survey also found interest in premium chocolate remains high, with cacao content, texture and claims around provenance among the cues consumers use to judge quality.

While the study reveals 45 per cent of consumers are always looking for new types of chocolate, when it comes to chocolate flavor pairings, classics still win out.


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