OPTEL brings world’s most powerful anti-counterfeiting solution

Image credit- Optel

OPTEL IdentifAI is turnkey, cost-effective, adaptable to the food, beverage industries

OPTEL, a Canada-based global provider of supply chain traceability technologies, has launched OPTEL IdentifAI™, the most powerful product authentication solution on the market.

Developed over the past two years with the help of leading food and beverage brands, OPTEL IdentifAI is designed to identify and mitigate product counterfeiting, gray-market diversion, label damage and other authentication issues.

The groundbreaking technology uses OPTEL’s proven traceability capabilities, innovative artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, machine learning and supply chain mapping tools to offer the best and most complete solution on the market.

“This is a game changer for both brands and consumers who want to protect themselves against product counterfeiting,” said Florent Bouguin, Chief Technical Officer at OPTEL. “Brand owners and manufacturers can now authenticate their products with minimal disruption to their manufacturing and packaging lines, and consumers can scan products using a mobile device to ensure what they bought is what they got.”

The key component of the application is the signature matching feature, which can recognize a product’s unique packaging pattern and number and match it to its identity in a cloud database. The result is a powerful brand-protection tool that can trace products from manufacturing to final consumer (or investigators).

OPTEL IdentifAI is turnkey, cost-effective, adaptable to the food, beverage industries, and easily scalable to other modules of OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain (ISC) platform.

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