Firmenich adds Dynarome TR to SmartProteins technology portfolio

Image credit: Firmenich

Dynarome TR is designed to deliver a natural and authentic cooking aroma for meat analogs across several plant-based food formats.

Swiss firm Firmenich has announced the launch of Dynarome TR, the latest addition to its proprietary SmartProteins technology portfolio. Dynarome TR is designed to deliver a natural, authentic and mouthwatering cooking aroma for meat analogs across several plant-based food formats.

“With the BBQ season soon upon us in much of the world, we expect that wonderful smell generated by favorite meat on a hot grill. However, we found that the simple formula of protein plus fat plus heat, equaling a nice, appetizing aroma, often does not work for meat alternatives,” said Antje Ratz, Firmenich VP SmartProteins Meat Analog Program. “Firmenich has developed a proprietary solution which releases a pleasing aroma upon heat at exactly the point consumers would expect it, making for a more authentic meat-like cooking experience in plant-based proteins.”

With Dynarome TR, Firmenich has taken a culinary approach to produce a new natural flavour delivery system that allows tailored flavour release at elevated temperatures by customizing the composition of its lipid phase.

“Animal fat plays an important role in flavour generation, tending to melt over a slowly rising temperature range. That is difficult to reproduce with plant-based fats alone,” said Jian Zhang, Senior Scientist, Materials Science R&D at Firmenich. “This new system has less aroma when meat analogues are chilled and during the early low temperature phase of the cooking. It then releases an enticing cooked aroma during the later stage of cooking and upon eating.”

Dynarome TR cooking aroma greatly adds to Firmenich’s industry-leading SmartProteins portfolio of integrated solutions encompassing texture ingredients, juiciness and succulence technology, salt and umami tools and delicious meat tastes.


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