Study supports Curcugen’s enhanced bioavailability


Natural native curcumin extract proves 39-fold enhanced bioavailability capabilities over conventional curcuminoids

DolCas Biotech has released pharmacokinetic data in support of the 39-fold-enhanced bioavailability of free curcumin claim for its Curcugen curcumin extract. The 17-subject randomised, double-blind, crossover study published on July 9 (volume 100) in the journal Medicine by Sanjib Panda, evaluated the dispersible, 98.5 per cent native turmeric (50 per cent curcuminoid concentrate) formulation, against conventionally extracted C-95 (also a 95 per cent curcuminoid extract) to determine the degree of enhanced absorption by the patented brand.


“While Curcugen is not the first curcuminoid ingredient to assess for free curcuminoids, it is one of the first to assess it within the context of a pharmaceutically-aligned study protocol,” notes Dr Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs, DolCas. “Dispersion was the principle mechanism enacted to overcome the challenge of curcuminoid absorption.”


The total Curcuminoid analysis of individual and composite curcuminoid analogues — specifically total curcumin, total demethoxycurcumin, total bis-demethoxycurcumin, and total curcuminoids —also was assessed in the novel study. 


“Curcuminoid conjugates are intestinal and liver metabolites and considered both inactive and intermediate in terms of their functionality. To be effective, they must be liberated, and while this process is simulated predictably outside the body, the literature suggests that inside the body the process is highly variable,” Jackson-Michel adds. 


“Given C-95’s known resistance to absorption, equivalent concentrations of curcuminoids between it and Curcugen were assessed by acceptable pharmaceutical guidances for bioavailability study,” says KG Rao, CEO, DolCas. 


The study was designed to highlight and align with published best practices in curcuminoid pharmacokinetics, including minimum and matching dosing between test and reference products, analyte selections and proper definitions (i.e. free vs. total; analogues vs. metabolites). This was inclusive of preparation methods both with and without exogenous deconjugation steps; the need for internal standards use; neutral fasting and feeding conditions for subjects; and the use of plasma analysis instrumentation that offered the best accuracy and consistency. 


“With peer-reviewed scientific evidence of enhanced bioavailability for a clean, full-spectrum formulation patented by Olene Life Sciences, plus recently acquired expert conclusion of safety for use in foods and combined with a native turmeric-derived dispersion mechanism, Curcugen is positioned to be among the leading brands in the turmeric category for food, beverage and dietary supplement actives,” concludes Rao. “This is even more evident when considering Curcugen’s consumer-friendly taste profile, and clinical benefits assessed to, and supported by, research in the areas of gut-health, mood balance, exercise efficiency and pain and inflammation.”


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