Coca-Cola rolls out newer version of Zero Sugar

Image credit: Coca-Cola

All listed ingredients and nutritional information remain the same

The Coca-Cola Company has recently announced that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is rolling out in more delicious and refreshing recipe and bold new packaging to deliver an even more iconic Coke taste.

The new recipe which optimises existing Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar flavors and existing ingredients starts hitting shelves this month in the United States, with full nationwide distribution in the US and Canada starting in August with full distribution in September. All listed ingredients and nutritional information remain the same.

“Recognising that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we’re focused on continuous improvement to give fans the best-tasting Coca-Cola they want—with zero sugar or calories—offered in the most iconic packaging and powered by some of our most creative, consumer-centric marketing yet,” said Rafael Prandini, Coca-Cola TM Category Lead, North America Operating Unit, who added that reaction from consumers in taste tests has been positive. 

A simplified packaging design is anchored by the iconic Coca‑Cola logo and red cues, with black Spencerian script signaling the Zero Sugar variety and “Now More Delicious” messaging highlighting the new formula in the US.

All Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar packaging- including 7.5-oz. and 12-oz. cans, fridge packs, and 13.2-oz., 16.9-oz., 20-oz., 1.25-liter and 20-liter bottles—will feature the streamlined graphics, as well as in Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar packaging in Canada – including 222 mL & 355 mL cans and 250mL, 300mL, 500mL, 710 mL, 1L and 2L bottles.


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