“We are working to bring in fruit-based drinks & millet-based snacks in Rs 10 segment”


TABP, a Coimbatore-based startup, that manufactures beverages and snacks, has successfully explored regional markets and beyond by introducing a plethora of products in various segments, and plans to expand in coming years. Prabhu Gandhikumar, Co-founder, TABP Snacks and Beverages, reveals more to NuFFooDS Spectrum

Since TABP’s inception in 2018, how has been the journey so far?


The journey so far has been more than just good. Right from the word ‘go’, it has been an excellent learning experience for us. We have successfully explored regional markets (and beyond) by introducing a plethora of our products in our various segments and by doing so we have grown from strength-to-strength, as a team and expanded as a company on the whole. On agenda are our experiments to introduce innovative products which we are preparing to make available in the market.


How has the perception of health and nutritional products changed over the years by the common man?


We must accept the fact that health and nutritional products are approached differently by different strata of people. The common man’s perception about health and nutritional products has changed and is not the same as perceived by the A and A+ category of people.


The A and A+ segment of people are currently considering the packaged food as a not so healthy option. They are looking at the different ways to get back to our roots to consume traditional food. Simultaneously, they try and consume farm to fresh food as much as possible. The A and A+ segments of our population are wellness conscious and are on the lookout for options of healthy energy food.


Contradict, when we turn our attention towards the bottom of the pyramid, the set of people are highly deficient in calories and nutrition. These are the people who are engaged in working in various sectors like agriculture, mining and the likes. Their perception of food is very different from that of the A or A+ segment of people. The people who occupy the bottom of the pyramid are the ones who need a good amount of calories, vitamins and minerals. TABP’s beverages come packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals, which provides them with overall health benefits. Thus making them a perfect choice for people from all segments.


You are already present in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. In which other states would you like to foray?


In the next four years, we will explore markets from Surat to Kolkata and markets below the geographical region, before we move beyond. We will be present in every single taluk in regions from Surat to Kolkata. Presently, TABP has a strong presence in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. No doubt there is a lot of scope for growth in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana as these markets are promising. Also, the virgin markets of Maharashtra and Goa which we are preparing to enter we expect them to contribute towards the top line.


According to you, “The distributors who joined us in 2016 haven’t left us.” What is so unique about TABP?


At TABP, we treat our distributors as our partners. Before we introduce a new product, our distributor partners are involved in brainstorming sessions. Since our inception, it is the policy of TABP not to dump products on our distributor partners. This is something we strictly continue to follow. Expansions in sales of our products have happened as we at TABP have worked together with our distributor partners who also double up as our family. It will continue to be a win-win situation between TABP and our loyal distributors.  


What will be your growth strategy for the next five years?


As of this writing, we are present in 1,20,000 retail stores. Four years down the line, we plan to expand our retail footprint to 5,00,000 retail shops. TABP is aiming at making its products available in all the Taluks in South India. Simultaneously, we are working on introducing a new range of innovative products in the snack and beverage segment. Alongside this, our distribution network will become aggressive. Without a doubt, these factors will contribute to our growth. Five years from now, as part of our growth strategy, we plan to have a Pan-India footprint.


Where is your R&D centre located?


Armed with a little more half-a-dozen of qualified and experienced food technologists, nutritionists and equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, on par with global industry standards, TABP’s R&D centre is based out of Coimbatore.


Which products do you plan to launch in near future?


In the beverage category, the spotlight is on our energy drinks. At TABP we are also working to bring in innovative fruit-based drinks which will be made available between the price range of Rs 10 to 15. Work is underway to introduce a range of millet-based snacks which will be sold in Rs 10 segment.


What is your headcount?


Currently, we are a 65-member team spread across five states.



Sanjiv Das



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