Scientists use orange peel powder to fortify bakery products

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A new trend in food processing is the use of natural antioxidants from plant source or wastes

In a collaborative study from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, a group of scientists evaluated the effect of substituting wheat flour at 5, 10, 15 and 20% with orange peel powder on the physicochemical, antioxidants and organoleptic properties of cookies.

The use of synthetic antioxidants has been applied for several foods but has had its restrictions as a result of its side effects. A new trend in food processing is the use of natural antioxidants from plant source or wastes of food processing to be good alternatives of synthetics antioxidants, in addition to their added values as providing bioactivity in biscuits to introduce a new functional food.

According to the research team, orange peels are a rich source of dietary fibre, phenolic compounds and have effective antioxidant activity. Therefore, they can be used as a natural source in fortifying bakery products.

Results indicated that the orange peel powder was significantly higher in ash and crude fibres which were 4.13 and 13.20%, compared to wheat flour being 1.37 and 0.50%, respectively.

The results also showed no significant difference in cookies appearance and taste, up until a substitution level of 10% compared to the control.

The research team concluded that incorporation up to 15% of orange peel powder in cookies manufacturing improved the physicochemical, nutritional quality with respect to sensorial characteristics of cookies.

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