Aadvik Foods introduces donkey milk powder


Contains high amounts of calcium and has four times less fat than cow’s milk

Aadvik Foods has launched Donkey Milk Powder; Lac Jennius (female donkey is referred to as Jenny). With this launch, the startup further strengthens its unique line of offerings that includes raw camel milk powder, frozen camel milk, camel milk chocolates, and camel milk-based skincare products, goat milk powder, and frozen goat milk, alongside others.

New Delhi-based Aadvik’s Donkey Milk Powder is made using the freeze-dried process that helps retain the nutrients, even in the powder form.

The 100% pure and natural milk powder is a powerhouse of nutrients for both skin and body. The essential fatty acids present in it lessens wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help regenerate damaged skin.

Besides skincare, Aadvik’s Lac Jennius has antimicrobial properties such as Lysozyme and Lactoferrin, which help in maintaining a healthy gut. It also contains high amounts of calcium and has four times less fat than cow’s milk that is good for human consumption.

Speaking on the launch, Hitesh Rathi, Founder, Aadvik Foods said, “Donkey Milk has been identified as a beneficial ingredient for skincare. It possesses powerful anti-ageing and healing properties that help in reducing wrinkling and the presence of Vitamin D keeps the skin healthy, hydrated, and soft.”

Lac Jennius or freeze-dried Donkey Milk Powder, available in 100 gm packs, is priced at Rs 999.

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