HempStreet pushes use of cannabis in chronic pain management

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Organised a mega CME event on Trailokya Vijaya Vati as analgesic

New Delhi-based cannabis startup HempStreet has embarked upon the journey to develop new as well as revive old Classical Ayurveda formulations, through state-of-the-art research protocols and establishing clinical evidence.

HempStreet is closely working in conjunction with Ayurvedic Doctors across the country to organise multiple CMEs across topics of chronic pain and how to effectively manage the same through Vijaya or Cannabis based herbal formulations. HempStreet recently organised a mega CME event on Trailokya Vijaya Vati as Analgesic by bringing on world-class Ayurveda experts onto a unified platform.

Recently, Harvard University conducted a study on how medical cannabis (Vijaya) is effective in treating chronic pain and its symptoms. The conditions of the patients included neuropathy, arthritis, and even joint pain. After the daily Vijaya use, the study showed that it has significantly reduced pain levels, reduced anxiety, improved sleep quality along with better mood and life quality.

HempStreet’s first medicine, Trailokya Vijaya Vati is one of the most effective cannabis-based formulations and is widely prescribed for chronic ailments like menstrual pain, chronic IBS, post-operative anorectal pain, and other soft tissue muscle pains.




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