Experts deliberate on sensible dietary pattern, balanced diet to boost immunity

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Cooking food in gut-friendly oils can help improve gut health

Diet, health, and nutrition experts during a webinar by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) held on National Nutrition Week 2021 opined that providing access to healthy snacking thereby sticking to a sensible dietary pattern improves the digestive system and can minimise transmission of diseases.


“A healthy diet, physical activity, stress and sleep management are critical to keeping our immune system strong,” stressed the experts in a webinar on ‘Nutritious and Balanced Diet: Key to Success,’ organised by ASSOCHAM as part of a series on Illness to Wellness.


Highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people, renowned nutritionist, Ishi Khosla said that cooking food in gut-friendly oils like rice bran (for frying), mustard, coconut, cold-pressed groundnut, sesame oils, clarified butter can help improve gut health. 


Sharing her thoughts on National Nutrition Week 2021’s theme of ‘Feeding smart right from the start,’ nutrition and wellness consultant and founder, Nutrition Nectar, Sheela Krishnaswamy said, “Nourishment for first 1,000 days can help prevent many diseases and the child goes on to grow and develop into a fit and healthy adult, this needs to be focussed upon to create healthy individuals.”


“There is a need to stick to a sensible and healthy eating pattern to take care of all aspects and organs of the body and not merely look at weight control,” further said Krishnaswamy.


Anil Rajput, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM National Council on CSR said that “Sedentary lifestyles, stressful work and an unhealthy diet are collectively impacting the health of many people in the working age-group and the role of a healthy and nutritious diet in preventing and controlling NCDs cannot be overstated.”




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