Big Mountain Foods launches first-to-market fungi innovation

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Says fungi is the future of plant based foods

Vancouver-based food manufacturer Big Mountain Foods is partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market to be the first to launch a Lion’s Mane mushroom (white, globe-shaped fungi) product line across North America beginning in October 2021.

Mushrooms are packed with a powerhouse of health benefits, full of vitamins and minerals and are sustainable as they require only a small amount of land, energy and water to produce.

They also contain properties that may help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and stimulate the growth of brain cells to protect them from damage caused by dementia, among other benefits.

Big Mountain Foods recognizes the powerful benefits of mushrooms and will continue to aggressively curate recipes from lion’s mane and other fungi species.

Horizon Distributors, PSC Natural Foods, Jonluca Enterprises Inc., and Vejii Vegan Marketplace will distribute Lion’s Mane Mushroom Crumble across Canada starting in October.

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