LabelBlind unveils first clean label report on Indian packaged food

image credit- LabelBlind

Are consumer expectations and leading industry players in sync with the growing trend of clean label products?

In a collaborative effort between Mumbai-based nutri tech firm LabelBlind and Department of Food Technology, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, University of Delhi, the first clean label report on Indian Packaged Food has been launched.

According to the findings of the report, nutrition information ranks above brand trust and 3rd only to long-standing attributes of taste and price in consumer consideration of food choices.

The report has also revealed that the growing consideration for clean label attributes of real, natural, nothing artificial, eco-friendly packaging is ahead of claims like fat free, low sugar, and zero calorie.

In addition, consumers are increasingly concerned about (i) what goes into food products and (ii) how are food products made. Use of chemicals, pesticides, and harm to animals are the top most concerns amongst consumers.

Another finding of the report is that majority of consumers lack comprehension and awareness of food ingredients. Familiarity is limited to only a handful of ingredients like honey, natural colours and flavours, soy protein and glucose.

Further, consumers associate clean label with organic, made with real ingredients, 100% natural, minimally processed, no additives and sustainably produced food products. Product categories with existing associations of health and nutrition are perceived by consumers to be clean label. Such categories include milk based drinks, juices and breakfast cereals.

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