Engineers create street robot for healthy fast food

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All ingredients inside SalatOmat containers are pre-conditioned and loaded into hygienically sealed containers

Engineers at The National University of Science and Technology (MISiS) in Moscow, together with Karfidov Lab, have developed a working prototype of a vending machine for preparing healthy dishes.

The device cooks dishes from vegetables and cereals in 30-60 seconds, which are suitable for those who live a healthy lifestyle or suffer from allergies and other specific diseases. According to the developers, the healthy food device will cost 1.4 million rubles.

The device is loaded with 16 basic ingredients – vegetables, cereals, potatoes, noodles – and 20 dressings and toppings (sauces, cheese, nuts). With this set, the machine (SalatOmat) can cook up to 1000 different dishes. The user can also create an individual combination of products.

According to the developers, the robot is able to ensure the availability, safety and hygiene of components, quick preparation and individual nutritional composition. The device will also be completely non-contact. All cooking processes are carried out without human intervention.

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