launches seaweed-based tablets for lifestyle ailments

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Enriched with 100% natural bioactive ingredients, encapsulated in low moisture content vegan Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules, based in Ernakulam, has introduced Algamin, a seaweed based natural remedy for Arthritis, Diabetes and Hypertension. The raw material for Algamin which is brown seaweeds are procured locally from shallow coastal reefs of Lakshadweep and other coastal regions.

The composition of Algamin is carefully crafted by the scientists of the government of India and at the same time, these tablets have been researched, developed and engineered by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India (CMFRI) Scientist Kajal Chakraborty (Norman Borlaug National Award winner), and patented by Indian council of Agricultural research (ICAR).

Algamin Arthrit-Ease GAe is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from marine algae through an ecofriendly “green technology” to combat inflammatory pain in synovial (mobility) joints, thereby providing relief to the patients of Arthritis.

Algamin Diabet-ease ADe capsules are an effective way of controlling diabetes as it is obtained from the extract from seaweeds that effectively inhibit various mediators, which are responsible for inducing type-II diabetes through various metabolic pathways.

And the third variant with the active principles of AHe Antihypertensive extract from seaweeds effectively inhibit various mediators, which are responsible to cause hypertension through various metabolic pathways, thereby reducing hypertension.

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